UGC Gospel Music Top Five Week Ending June 25, 2011 [video]

 [Music for week ending JUNE 25, 2011]
NOTE: These stats were taken from Billboard Magazine

Coming in at number 1 this week, it's Kirk Franklin with his happy go lucky tune "Smile"! The song being a dedication to "Recession, Depression & Unemployment" reminds you that no matter what you're going through, never give up and always keep smiling. One thing Kirk was right about in this song was the fact that we ALL look so much better when we smile. You can't help but smile while watching this video....Smile & Enjoy!!!

Coming in at number 2 this week is Troy Sneed with "My Heart Says Yes".  A mellow song....nice and easy with a calming and soothing melody. "My Heart Says Yes" is a direct serenade to Jesus welcoming him into one of the most vulnerable places anyone can ever go....the heart. Here's what Sneed has to say about the song: “God is good. I wanted to write a song that loves on God and not ask Him for anything. He told me that if I do that He would open new doors for me and he has. So, I’m just happy that the song is touching people and encouraging them to examine how they worship.” The song is set to a Latin inspired music arrangement with a beautiful Spanish guitar solo that will capture your soul. All I can say is listen to the music, pay attention to the vocals and feel the vibes.

This brings us to this weeks number 3 song, It's by Mr. VaShawn Mitchell and it's titled "Nobody Greater". This song speaks of one in search of someone greater than the Lord. Singing the lyrics: "Searched all over, couldn't find nobody, I looked high and low, still couldn't find nobody....nobody greater....nobody greater, nobody greater than you." It makes you think about how most people we think are in our corner fall short, but Jesus is ALWAYS there and when you come to know him as your friend, you realize that there's NOBODY greater. Listen to the song, this is a live performance, and VaShawn gets it in with his lil' cute self.....and I think he's single too! LOL Enjoy!

Trin-i-Tee 5:7 rings in at number 4 this week with their smash hit "Over & Over". Now I've watched these girls come up in the business from the very first time they came on the scene with R. Kelly....yeah, believe it or not he produced their very first song. Anyway, the group that was once a Trinity [three] is now busted down to a Duo [2]. Word has it that the missing member of the group Adrian, has decided to pursue a career in the make up industry. She's currently pushing her new make-up line, and the remaining two members Angel & Chanel are still doing their thing the Trin-i-Tee 5:7 you'll soon see. Go check out the song "Over & Over" F/JP Morton, who also wrote the song by the way. You don't have to listen to it "Over & Over" to know that it's a chart topper...but hey, I can't blame you if you want to! LOL

And finally, the number 5 song this week is one of my personal favorites. A praise and worship song by William McDowell that speaks of complete surrender. Giving of yourself, giving yourself away to be used by the Almighty. The song is called "I Give Myself Away" and I guess I can say that that's where I am in my spiritual journey right now so yeah....I take this song personally and I can definitely see why it's in the top five. I expect it to be moving on up in weeks to come.  Listen, relate but most of all ENJOY!

And that's the top five this week from Billboard Magazine! I do hope you've enjoyed the music and that it's lifted you, encouraged you and ministered to you. Until next week, stay up and stay prayed up!

*leaving the room singing* life is not my own, to you I belong.....I give myself, I give myself to you...