Monday, September 15, 2014

Kwan Lee: Gotta Go Back to Cali (Featured Lyrics of the Week)

Cali, palm trees/ green legal, so its hella weed.
Damn, 3 days straight 80/ who got the flight plug, we out baby.
Rodayo, daygo/ I'm brooklyn, homie where the hood though.
Cousin out there, and he maxed out/
new wears on, in the club macked out.
Tell lucy, bring a couple friends though/
if the crew come, make em all friends yo.
Yup, while I'm phonin home, et/ reassure my shorty, no cheating.
Baby all night, baby all night/ baby all night Baby all night, no no no / no hoe ohs.
Yup, still ot jonesin/ homie said fuck that, he bonin.
Hit off ciroc, and the belaire / asked can he tape it, she don't care.
Put the cam on, show the booty HD/
have you ever seen a booty, off the 5d.
Full frame, and the shit clear/ send to avn, get the porno of the year.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.....)

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