Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recap: Touch Me Tease Me Tuesdays @ Alex Steakhouse 5.20.14 (Presented by Rozas Dozens)

Highlights of last nights' #TouchMeTeaseMeTuesdays at Alex Steak House presented by Losing Isiah and Rozas Dozens. Each and every week they offer the best Afterwork / networking event in NYC, at the super plush Alex Steakhouse located in NYC's newest go-to neighborhood for nightlife, Washington Heights (184th & Broadway). With Music by DJ Prime AKA Tha Swag King, #TouchMeTeaseMeTuesdays is by far the best event on the agenda for Tuesdays. come through and witness for yourself.  Oh did I mention $.50 wings, and $ mixed drinks. Best that makes it sound even better. See you next Tuesday


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