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UGC sits down with Tahiti Niti

It's rare in todays times to meet an artist with even a realistic goal when it comes to their musical pursuits let alone a direction. More rappers than there is an audience, is what can be described as today's culture. One person striving to leave their footprint in the sand musically and in general is the Westside of Harlem resident, Niti Tahiti; with his The Garden Mixtape currently available, and plans to make more noise in the coming months and years, Niti Tahiti is on the right path. Check out our exclusive interview with the upstart, and get to know his goals, his motivation, and his brand
UGC: How does being from Harlem impact your style and sound ?

Niti: Harlem has always had a reputation for being flashy and fly. That was always the image growing up, so that's what motivates me to talk what I talk. I'm not trying sound like nobody; in fact, I don't know how to sound like nobody. My sound is original and pure but I try to be as versatile as possible.

UGC: I've heard you mention that you have dreams of being on the big screen, some ppl may say that you need to be realistic. For those who doubt, can you put it into perspective for us what your goals are industry wise

Niti: I wanna leave a mark. I want every song to be a hit or damn near if I'm lucky. I'm thinking longevity so that I can be in a position of power and become my own boss. I wanna be mentioned even when it's not about music. I wanna be relevant. Most of all I want to be a leader for my generation.

UGC: Where did the name Tahiti come from, that’s unique- does it have anything to do with the island?

Niti: It sort of does . The name was a product of me being creative at the time. Some of my friends laughed, and to be honest I laughed with them but eventually they got the idea of where I was heading with it. I'm cool like Tahitian weather. I'd like to visit the island one day; that's another one of my goals on a personal note.

UGC: What are your earliest memories of falling in love with Hip Hop?

Niti; My parents and family were big fans of the legendary 2PAC. They played his songs throughout the house; I remember that vividly from my childhood. My first cassette was his greatest hits. I knew his lyrics by the age of 7. Besides his lyrics being explicit  I guess it was alright because he was more than an artist and from that day, the motivation was planted in me.


UGC: When did you begin to write rhymes, and what was the motivation? 

Niti: I started writing rhymes in junior high school. I loved writing in school but sometimes I was bored. So instead of doing the assignment on the board I would be trying to write a song in the back pages of my notebook.  From there it turned from a hobby, to a passion on mine.

UGC: What was the first project you put out ?  How long did it take you to finish it? What was the most insightful song or personal song on the project?

Niti: My first project as a solo artist was The Garden. I started recording it March 2013 and Release it June 2013. The track FAMOUS (Prod. By Money Makaz) got a lot of great feedback. I've always heard there is a lot of  potential on that song and I feel everyone can relate; when I first heard the beat, I felt like my soul left my body and I went to another place. Sometimes it's hard to believe that's me on them verses. Another song is Love for you (Prod. By Track Officialz).  I'm talking bout music and artist, how much it affects me.

UGC: Any visuals coming soon ? Who are some of the artists and producers you worked with on the project? 

Niti: Yes! Visuals will be released real soon. I worked with Oun P on the track "Keep It Hood" (Prod. By The Cratez) I also worked with close friend Al Negro formerly known as Budda Bless and fellow friend, singer Rell Cox.


UGC: How do you feel about the landscape in Hip Hop right now and the influence that social media has on how we get new music, as well as the pressure placed on artists to be an open book?

Niti: I honestly feel it's not fair to artist. I'm not just speaking as an artist but as a fan of Hip Hop. Too many rappers and not enough talent. Every body raps now this is the new game of basketball. What are the odds of becoming the next big superstar in Hip Hop ? The chances are slim to none. Who doesn't have a music link on their social network. The game is so twisted that people who never did music are coming out of no where. I can't take that from them. Everybody complaining but no one is taking responsibility. Everybody's judging and pointing fingers especially in New York. It's difficult.

UGC: Where can the fans and supporters get updates on your music, and forthcoming shows? 

Niti: They can get updates on my all social media feeds, which I would like everyone to follow and engage with me through. These are:
Instagram @Tniti_  
Twitter: @coolteerap 
Facebook: Niti Tee 
I update daily regarding my new music , shows and other aspects of my adventures as a rising artist.

UGC: Where can they find your music currently?
Niti: Currently my music is on sound-cloud via my page:  Niti Uptown. Also my mixtape is on
DatPiff : The Garden - Tahiti Niti

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