Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Bricks 2 Tons

Born Stevie Thompson in the Crown Height section of Brooklyn, NY the artist known as Bricks 2 Tons spent most of his youth on the basketball courts which gave him a quick escape from a troubled home, where abusive parenting and drug addiction was rampant. As a part-time DJ his father was however an influence on Bricks gravitation to music and the Hip Hop culture as a whole. Going by the name DJ Stevie B. during Bricks' brief encounters with his dad, he was encouraged into a sound love for hip hop music. Raised by his loving grandmother who did everything she could to make sure he had what he needed to survive, things weren't as Bricks had to contend with the needs of 4 other siblings besides himself.

 "God Bless the child that got his own" became his motto and he lived by just that. He did what was necessary for him to get his own. He refused to let anyone get in his way. Not always taking the positive approach, Bricks made tough decisions and proved to be even tougher personally as he put forth his will to survive by any means necessary.  Ultimately his pledge to a fast lifestyle landed him in detainment, two years which served as the perfect time for self inventory and sharpening of his skill.  During that time he leaned on his pen, as well as his love for poetry and communication, scribing countless candid portrayals which upon his return he turned into songs and new found career leading to becoming the talented artist you see today.

Bricks2Tons was inspired by musical greats such as LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1,& Rakim just to name a few. He admired Slick Rick's ability to tell stories within his rhymes and also felt that he has so much in common with the legend. . Unique in sound, Bricks2Tons can never be mistaken for another artist. He prides himself on being one of a kind sonically.

Bricks2tons has been rapping seriously for about 4 years with the hopes of making it big within the music industry. His music in the past has been geared towards the struggle of inner city hustlers and those whom have experienced an upbringing in broken homes which are 2 topics that he can directly relate to. As time has progressed, so has the scope of his lyrical content and now Bricks prefers composing songs for a wider audience.  To his credit, Bricks has collaborated with artists the likes of Cory Gunz and even featured his 12 year old daughter, who means the world to him on one of his upcoming hits. He's been featured on several mixtapes through out his musical career and was thankful to have the legendary Peter Gunz host his first mixtape entitled The Mind of a Hustler. Currently working on his second, titled "4th quarter", Bricks2Tons is dedicated to bringing hip hop back to its former glory. He is determined to make it to the big leagues and will work to no end to achieve greatness.
Check out his latest single My Money Good

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