Monday, December 22, 2014

Chaos: Never Change 2 (Mixtape)

Capitalizing off of the buzz and success of the original, Newark bred Hip Hop artist Chaos has released Never Change 2 featuring well known Hot 97 DJs Naim and Drewski, as well as Wallah. The 12-track project was released this past Friday, is now available of DatPiff.

Monday, December 15, 2014

NEW LUTHER VANDROSS SONG: Love It Love It [track inside]

Recently a new 'Greatest Hits' album from Luther Vandross was released in the UK. On it is a never before heard, unreleased track called Love It Love It. Give it a listen and let me know how you like it. Do you hate it?? Or do you Love it Love it???

Monday, September 15, 2014

Kwan Lee: Gotta Go Back to Cali (Featured Lyrics of the Week)

Cali, palm trees/ green legal, so its hella weed.
Damn, 3 days straight 80/ who got the flight plug, we out baby.
Rodayo, daygo/ I'm brooklyn, homie where the hood though.
Cousin out there, and he maxed out/
new wears on, in the club macked out.
Tell lucy, bring a couple friends though/
if the crew come, make em all friends yo.
Yup, while I'm phonin home, et/ reassure my shorty, no cheating.
Baby all night, baby all night/ baby all night Baby all night, no no no / no hoe ohs.
Yup, still ot jonesin/ homie said fuck that, he bonin.
Hit off ciroc, and the belaire / asked can he tape it, she don't care.
Put the cam on, show the booty HD/
have you ever seen a booty, off the 5d.
Full frame, and the shit clear/ send to avn, get the porno of the year.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.....)

Going back to Cali is available via SoundCloud

IG: @kwanleetv
Twitter @kwanlee

Monday, July 28, 2014

Behind The Scenes: Miracle D Rellz X Niz Cash "Business Over Pleasure"

Check out some on-set visuals of Miracle D Rellz Business Over Pleasure video shoot, featuring Niz Cash. On a bright sunny day in the South Bronx, the Booted Out Ent team got together to show love; check out cameos by Dolla Man, Miss Irie, DaCor Capone and more.


#GSM invades Invisible Bully clothing Event!!!

D Roc on his BULLY yo’….

                                                                                    By @renegade_reign


            On Tuesday July 22, 2014 at Footaction in herald Square, hundreds of people came out to show love and support for Invisible Bully. A fresh, fly, new clothing line founded by D Roc, longtime friend of the undisputed king of new York, the Notorious B.I.G. Security was tight and pop o was on deck, but none of that was needed as no harmful incidents occurred.

“We’re just out here showing love for Brooklyn”, said one supporter when asked what brought them out.

The reason for all of the celebration was Invisible Bully’s debut into Footaction. 15 years ago, Biggie and D Roc started a clothing company called Brooklyn Mint for big and tall guys. Sadly, due to Big’s untimely death, Brooklyn Mint never reached its full potential.  Never one to give up, D Roc kept grinding until his deferred dream became a reality. Thus, Invisible Bully was born.

With the event beyond capacity, everyone’s energy was high as the We Dem Boys remix video (Puff, Meek, French Montana) blasted on repeat. Invisible Bully street team members donned shirts and hats with the company’s logo. They also carried signs and posed for pics with supporters.

“We’re just out here keepin’ the energy up and making sure everybody has a good time, nahmean’”, said one Invisible Bully street team member, @youngty551.

Also in attendance for the event were some of your favorite celebrities. Reality power couple Yandi Smith and Mandeeces from Love and Hip Hop, Jadakiss and Styles P from The L.O.X, Brooklyn Rapper, Uncle Murda, Bow Wow, and actor Michael John Jeffries ( Get Rich or Die Trying, Notorious) were all on hand to show support for Invisible Bully. They signed autographs and took what seemed to be a million pics.

However, Hip Hop Superstar, French Montana received just a little more attention and praise from the fans out there. Upon his entry and exit into Footaction, fans went wild. All you heard was “haaaaaann!!!”. The hometown favorite showed love back as he snapped pics and video of all his adoring fans.

All in all, it was definitely a movie out there. Fans left happy with Invisible Bully attire in addition to pics and autographs from their favorite celebs. Like always, #getsignedmagazine was at the hottest event in the city to bring you guys the scoop on what went down. Shout out to D Roc and the entire Footaction and Invisible Bully staff for creating such a memorable experience.



Fashion Report: Spoons N Forks Clothing



Spoons and Forks Clothing

Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet PlayBeezy

Lamonte Newman, better known by his stage name Play Beezy was born in our nation’s capital of Washington D. C. in 1987. Shortly after birth, his family relocated to Arlington, VA, where he then resided majority of his childhood. Play has always had a passion for music & song writing while growing up but by the age of 13, his music interest had evolved into an ambitious goal when his artistic skills were recognized by DMV Power Player, Text Sosa. From here on out, song writing and recording had become a priority.
While in and out of studios in attempt to solidify his style & sound, Play had linked up with childhood friend and fellow music artist AJ Milla as the rap duo “Young N Restless.” Young N Restless performed at several venues which would eventually grant them the opportunity to be the opening act for several industry artists such as Graph, Comp, Maino, Chopper, Ness and more. By the age of 17, Play successfully dropped the notable mixtape, The Grind 2, as a member of the duo Young N Restless hosted by Text Sosa. The Grind 2 would eventually earn them recognition from outer cities and local fans, as well as, landing an article segment in the Washington City Paper for featured track Ms. Mary Mack.
Through landing local features and earning radio play at such a young age, Play was able to identify his career path as a music artist. and by 2010, Young N Restless had come to drop their final mixtape The Bar Code.
Soon after parting ways, Play Beezy continued his efforts for the love of music as a solo artist with his antipicated solo debut The Tip Off hosted by Dj Grady and "Mista D.M.V." better known as  Dj Rob. His most recent compilation, "Word Play" hosted by Dj Grady and Dj Ben Frank, has given Play the recognition as a solid DMV solo artist who is patiently waiting for the right moment to explode.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Interstate Snake: Year of The Snake (Mixtape)

Virginia's own Interstate Snake has been working hard to build his name in the streets for a while now and it is finally starting to pay off, as his music has been featured on some of the more notable hip hop based websites in existence. With his self proclammation of being the next big thing out of Virginia,  his new mixtape Year Of The Snake is the first in a long list of planned attacks on the game as we know it. WIth features from an impressive crop of well known artists the likes of Troy Ave, Cap 1, Fat Trel, and Tone Trump to name a few the stage is certainly set well. Interstate Snake seeks to substantiate his arrival. You have been warned ! Check out the tracklist below:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Video: BrotherHood "New Reign"

Check out the visual for Brotherhood's new release, New Reign, directed by Crenshaw Slauson

Connect with BrotherHood:
Twitter - @Brotherhood_C2F
Instagram - @Brotherhood_C2F

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Saint Jude: Intro (Prey IV Me Mixtape)

Check out the Intro to Saint Jude's Prey Iv Me Mixtape available for download now

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Cristian Gabor: Spit That Dope (Behind The Scenes)

"Young ___ spit that dope"

And she definitely held serve on her Dope(remix) freestyle. Fire Flame Music Group's own Cristian Gabor got something for the people. She recently connected with the lovely ladies of BBS Promotions to shoot the visual for her remix. Check out some behind the scenes fun from the set. Video coming soon!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Artist buzz: DaCor Capone

A jack of all trades, as he has been labeled by those that know him best, Dacor Capone is a promising recording artist hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop, Bronx, NY. A renaissance man for all intents and purposes, The Booted Out Entertainment CEO is very hands on with his brand and his music, juggling the many hats that he wears from artist, producer, songwriter, videographer and more. With an impressive resume and work ethic which includes his stellar showings at well respected events such as the Top Mics Tour, Non Stop Ent Showcase, 5K Concert Series, Master Moo's 50 Models Miami Take Over Tour to name a few.

Fueled by his ambition, which has always been a tool for his success, as early as his teenage years DaCor understood that in order to leave his mark on this planet, as well as the industry which he was so fond of consistency and persistence were imperative.  A student of the culture of Hip Hop, DaCor has spent the better part of the last 5 years perfecting his craft and enhancing his business sense using his work with respected brands such as Thisis50, Coast 2 Coast, Major Stage, as well as iGrind as a catapult in addition to his appearances on major internet radio broadcasts the likes of DTF Radio, In The Mixx Radio, Elegant Hoodness, GID Radio, and Da Matrix Studios.

The new year 2014 has been very good to the Booted Out Ent brand, led by the great feedback that has resulted from the release of DaCor's Married to My Hustle, Mixtape with all signs pointing towards the continuance of his growth as an artist and imprint owner.

DaCor Capone's Music is available via the following links:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recap: Touch Me Tease Me Tuesdays @ Alex Steakhouse 5.20.14 (Presented by Rozas Dozens)

Highlights of last nights' #TouchMeTeaseMeTuesdays at Alex Steak House presented by Losing Isiah and Rozas Dozens. Each and every week they offer the best Afterwork / networking event in NYC, at the super plush Alex Steakhouse located in NYC's newest go-to neighborhood for nightlife, Washington Heights (184th & Broadway). With Music by DJ Prime AKA Tha Swag King, #TouchMeTeaseMeTuesdays is by far the best event on the agenda for Tuesdays. come through and witness for yourself.  Oh did I mention $.50 wings, and $ mixed drinks. Best that makes it sound even better. See you next Tuesday