Monday, December 23, 2013

T-Pain - "She Said" [Video Inside] Has the industry gone to far with this one???

This is T-Pain's latest single "She Said". If you're an adult this isn't a bad song, and it's not even the song it's self that's the problem in this instance. The Problem is the video...the visual. The hidden but not so hidden subliminal suggestions. The head bobbin is half way justified at the end of the video but whatever that was going down on the stairs still didn't look right to me.

Body language say's so much more than what the mouth speaks. This whole video is based on body language and one's perception when trying to read it. This video proves that seeing is not always believing. But I guess the real question is, has the industry gone to far with this one? Would you want your kids seeing this video?


  1. Borderline soft porn. Definitely should not be played before midnight on cable, and never on broadcast TV. It should carry a TV-MA tag. I mean I'm all for artistic expression and this is definitely that, but its not a mainstream video, just like Millie Jackson wasn't mainstream music on broadcast radio when I was a kid growing up.

  2. I must admit though, the ending is comical and says "psyche! You've got a dirty mind!!!" Like I said though, I respect the artistic expression; just duly noted that it ain't for the kiddies.

  3. No, this definitely ain't no kid stuff!