Monday, October 28, 2013

NEW MUSIC: TLC - Meant To Be

 I don't know if you happened to catch the TLC Movie that aired on VH1 last week but in spite of all the negativity about the actresses, it was a pretty good show. They told the story but everything wasn't told EXACTLY the way it was but just know, those girls were Gansta with a capitol G! When they went into Clive Davis's office to talk to him about their money, the movie didn't show that they rolled up on Clive strapped. TBoz explained it in detail when she was a guest on the Monique Show. I might post that video up on here later. lol

Anyway, the song Im featuring here is their latest release off their 20 year anniversary album and it's titled "Meant to be." It's written and produced by Neyo and it tells the story of their 20 year journey. It's really pretty good. Typical TLC style. Check it out…

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