Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga f/R.Kelly - Do What You Want

 Lady Gaga just released another single from her forthcoming album "Artpop"which is due out on November 11th. The Track "Do What You Want" features R. Kelly. In a recent interview about her new album Lady Gaga said, and I quote:
"For Artpop, I, in the most metaphorical explanation, stood in front of a mirror and I took off the wig and I took off the makeup and I unzipped the outfit and I put a black cap on my head and I covered my body in a black catsuit and I looked in the mirror and I said: 'OK, now you need to show them you can be brilliant without that.' And that's what Artop is all about. Because I knew that if I wanted to grow, if I really wanted to innovate from the inside, I had to do something that was almost impossible for me."

So there you have it! Lady Gaga stepping outside of the box and letting you see her in another light. Will she shine, or is she slowly fading and becoming "old news"? You be the judge, take a listen to the track....

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