Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Diddy Launches 24 hr Music Network "Revolt TV" Monday Oct 21, 2013

Okay so it looks like ya boy Sean "Puffy" "Diddy" "P Diddy" Combs is at it again! This time the Hip Hop Mogul has decided to put together his own 24 hour multiplatform, multi-genre  music network which he will call REVOLT TV. Diddy has dubbed the channel "The New #1 Name In Music". Tuning into this channel will get you a continuous stream of music videos, performances, interviews and news. If you're wondering what kind of music the network will play, DON'T. The network will cover many different genres of music from  Hip Hop to Rock and everything in between. It knows no boundaries.

It's ironic that MTV is it's competition yet as of yesterday [Oct 1, 2013] Sir Diddy has managed to snag a deal with now former VP of MTV News Whitney-Gayle Benta, making her the new Senior VP of music and talent for Revolt TV. Tell me that brother's not a beast when it comes to this business game! Now what you artists need to be doing is trying to find out some contact info on who and where to send your tracks and videos to....ASAP!

Anyway, here's a word from Diddy himself on what they'll be playing on Revolt TV...

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