Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW MUSIC: John Legend f/ Seal - We Loved It

Just a beautiful song as well as a perfect union. This is track number 18 off John's album "Love In The Future". They sound great together. Here's the song...

Here are the lyrics...
Come sweetly, stab me through the shadow of an open door
Wait quietly now, take us to the helplessness of it all
And I wonder as I watch you slip away somehow
Wonder if the only thing left is love
Wonder if I ever will wait
Will I ever love again?
Will I ever love again?

NEW MUSIC: Tyga f/Justin Bieber - Wait For A Minute

Well now.....THIS is an unexpected union for sho' and it actually works. Now honestly Im not a Justin Bieber fan in the least but I have to admit that young boy did his THANG on this track. I can see what Usher saw in him now. lol

NEW MUSIC: Lady Gaga f/R.Kelly - Do What You Want

 Lady Gaga just released another single from her forthcoming album "Artpop"which is due out on November 11th. The Track "Do What You Want" features R. Kelly. In a recent interview about her new album Lady Gaga said, and I quote:
"For Artpop, I, in the most metaphorical explanation, stood in front of a mirror and I took off the wig and I took off the makeup and I unzipped the outfit and I put a black cap on my head and I covered my body in a black catsuit and I looked in the mirror and I said: 'OK, now you need to show them you can be brilliant without that.' And that's what Artop is all about. Because I knew that if I wanted to grow, if I really wanted to innovate from the inside, I had to do something that was almost impossible for me."

NEW MUSIC: Eminem f/Rihanna - The Monster

Eminem is back again with Rihanna and a brand new song. This thing is called "The Monster" and it is the prelude to what is yet to come. This is the first single released off his next album "Marshall Mathers LP2" due to come out on November 5th. We haven't heard anything from Slim Shady and Ri Ri since their last song together, "Love The Way You Lie". Hit the "Read More" link, take a listen to this track and tell me how you REALLY feel.

Monday, October 28, 2013

NEW MUSIC: TLC - Meant To Be

 I don't know if you happened to catch the TLC Movie that aired on VH1 last week but in spite of all the negativity about the actresses, it was a pretty good show. They told the story but everything wasn't told EXACTLY the way it was but just know, those girls were Gansta with a capitol G! When they went into Clive Davis's office to talk to him about their money, the movie didn't show that they rolled up on Clive strapped. TBoz explained it in detail when she was a guest on the Monique Show. I might post that video up on here later. lol

NEW MUSIC Just Blaze & Baauer f/Jay Z - "Higher" [Music Inside]

Personally I think this song ROCKS! The beat is knocking' and it just feels good. It definitely makes you want to turn your music up "Higher".  Just Blaze & Baauer did their thing on this one for real! Turn up your speakers and let this one bang.

Drake - "The Motion" [Music Inside]

 I just really like this song by Drake, which says a LOT for me because Im not really what you would call a "Drake Fan"…I mean yeah I like some of his work, but I wouldn't be the one standing in line to buy his new album as soon as the store open on the Tuesday it's released. Do people even do that anymore?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Diddy Launches 24 hr Music Network "Revolt TV" Monday Oct 21, 2013

Okay so it looks like ya boy Sean "Puffy" "Diddy" "P Diddy" Combs is at it again! This time the Hip Hop Mogul has decided to put together his own 24 hour multiplatform, multi-genre  music network which he will call REVOLT TV. Diddy has dubbed the channel "The New #1 Name In Music". Tuning into this channel will get you a continuous stream of music videos, performances, interviews and news. If you're wondering what kind of music the network will play, DON'T. The network will cover many different genres of music from  Hip Hop to Rock and everything in between. It knows no boundaries.