Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida in response to the Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

This past Sunday night during a concert in Quebec City, R&B Legend Stevie Wonder announced that until Florida abolishes the 'stand your ground' law, he will no longer be performing in that state, or any other place in the world where that law is upheld. Below you'll find a clip of what Stevie said to the fans that night.


I applaud Stevie for his willingness to take action in standing up for justice. If only other artists and celebrities would follow suit. That would definitely make an impact. Celebs go there like they go to NY and LA. Personally I think Stevie should be boycotting Florida for allowing a murderer to go free. This move he's making will not bring justice for Trayvon's murder but hey, I think it's a start in the right direction.

And if you don't understand why people are so worked up over Zimmerman's verdict, ask yourself one question...what if Trayvon was YOUR son.....would you be happy with a verdict that allowed the man who stalked and murdered your unarmed son to walk free? Doesn't matter if he was a good kid or a thug....he was a 17 year old CHILD, who hadn't even really begun to live life yet....and he never will thanks to George Zimmerman, and he just gets to walk away free as a bird. That doesn't set to well with me....it doesn't sit to well with a LOT of people, including Stevie Wonder. And you know Stevie isn't a stranger when it comes to standing up for something. It was because of HIM that Martin Luther King got a holiday. I remember when he did that. It took a minute but it was done....hopefully when it's all said and done this time, there will me no more states that carry the Stand your Ground Law and there will have been SOME justice for the murder of a young boy in cold blood.

So this next song goes out to George Zimmerman, all the Fla lawmakers, decision makers, the justice system, the lawyers who argued the case, the witnesses and those 6 jurors..(Especially juror B37). With as much as you THINK you did...You Haven't Done Nothin'!


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