Monday, November 26, 2012

Aw Nawwww...Did Stevie J Kiss Lil Wayne in the Mouth??[Video Inside]

Now maybe Im seeing things....or maybe that's not Stevie J....whatever it is, as you can see, that IS lil Wayne allowing another MANs lips to touch his....AGAIN. *throwing up both my hands*
What in the whole house freezy ...Wheezy???

Did you check it out???? Now I don't know what that looks like to YOU, but Then Stevie decided to call into a radio station to set the record straight, but the call went NO WAY like he intended. Although he DID say that he'll leave all the kissing to those OTHER rappers. And he claims that he wasn't at a show that night, he was in the studio all night. Here, have a listen and as usual, YOU be the judge as to what's REALLY going on here....

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