Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Uh WHYclef.....why?

This was a pic Wyclef tweeted saying that he's 46 but he looks 26.
26??? REALLY???? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Aw Nawwww...Did Stevie J Kiss Lil Wayne in the Mouth??[Video Inside]

Now maybe Im seeing things....or maybe that's not Stevie J....whatever it is, as you can see, that IS lil Wayne allowing another MANs lips to touch his....AGAIN. *throwing up both my hands*
What in the whole house freezy ...Wheezy???

Did you check it out???? Now I don't know what that looks like to YOU, but Then Stevie decided to call into a radio station to set the record straight, but the call went NO WAY like he intended. Although he DID say that he'll leave all the kissing to those OTHER rappers. And he claims that he wasn't at a show that night, he was in the studio all night. Here, have a listen and as usual, YOU be the judge as to what's REALLY going on here....

Im Mad At Nas About Those Draws....[Video Inside]

Maybe Im making to much of it....this could be true....but Im really feeling some kinda way about NAS being up on that stage with his whole entire azz hangin' out. Last I checked he was a grown azz man... what GROWN azz MAN walks around with half his azz hangin out? Nas is 38 years old, he's not a kid anymore. A grown azz MAN wears his pants around his waist not his thighs or his knees. Besides, these young bucks should know, A REAL thug won't buss the sag, because he never knows when he has to run, he knows the rules of the street... be prepared, always alert, always aware. He wants no hindrance what so ever if he has to break out right quick. And quiet as kept, for REAL???? A woman does not need to see if you're wearing boxers or tighty whities, the only time a woman should see your undergarments is when 'IT' AND your draws are, like Jay-Z says "...About. To. Go. Down."OTHERWISE?? Im just sayin'.

I expect it from Weezy and 2 Chainz...the young bucks .....that's what they do, but the old heads??? I thought the older more seasoned Artists were supposed to set the example for the young'uns, not do as they do. Maybe Im the one that's got it twisted though.

So about the video,  it was shot for Jermaine Dupri on his birthday earlier this month. Nas was his guest and he gave a special performance. I guess the good thing about the video is, even though you see twenty zillion liquor bottles floating around, at the end of the clip JD promotes water. You also get to see him spin a lil somthin'. Looks like he had a good time, the draws drew away from all that though and left me confused. lol

Anyway below you will find the video in question....Please remember that my opinion is my own. You might see nothing wrong with a man prancing around showing you his booty. *shrugs*
You be the judge.....