Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ut Oh...Beanie Sigel Is Back In Jail...$300,000 bail that he couldn't make

Seems like rappers and jail go hand in hand. Doing time is a badge of honor of sorts, as a rapper you ain't shyt if you haven't been arrested for something. Beans has had his share of looking at the inside of a jail cell. The latest story on the Broad Street Bully is that he was riding down interstate 95 just minding his own business asleep on the passenger side of the car, when he suddenly got pulled over by the po po.

During the routine pat down Troopers "allegedly" found an unlabeled bottle of codeine syrup and about $4,500 cash in his pocket. In his cigarette pack were various pills wrapped in a plastic bag.

A fully loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun was discovered in the console above the front stereo, according to court papers. Since Beans is a convicted felon that deems him barred from having guns.

Now don't forget that Beans was in trouble for tax evasion back in April, where he went to court and was sentenced to do 2 years which was to start on September 12th.


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