Friday, August 10, 2012

A Record Or A Sandwich??

They say that back in the day Motown Records Owner Barry Gordy used to sit all his people in one big room and play all the newest records for them. This was done in order for them to decide what the single for a particular album would be. In gathering this information Mr. Gordy would simply stand before them and ask...."If you only had a few dollars in your pocket and you were hungry, would you buy this record or a sandwich??" Well you see how many HITS came out of Motown so the formula must work!

Through out the course of this blog, Im going to be introducing you to some new music. There will be artists you know and have heard of, and there will be some artists you don't know and have probably never heard of, but at the end of the day the goal for this portion of UGC MUSIC BLOG is to help BREAK and EXPOSE all the new artists and follow their progress.

IF you are an artist with new music and you're looking for exposure, feel free to submit your tracks along with a brief bio, a picture and your contact information. 

NOTE: PLEASE, if you decide to send in anything, send in your best of EVERYTHING. Anything thrown together and unprofessional will not even be considered for this column, remember your presentation represents YOU!! So why not submit the very best of you? If you need help with pictures or writing a bio let me know. I know tons of people, im sure I can direct you to somebody who can help you get it together.

Anyway here's why Im asking for specific things, there's always a method to the madness...

1.) The Track: Listeners need to hear your voice, this is how they become witnesses of your not only your talent but your creativity as well. It's how they recognize your flow and decide whether they "feel" you.....or not.

2.) The Bio: This info let's the listener know WHO you are. People can connect with you better when they know a little more about you. What you've done in the past, who you've worked with, how long you've been on your grind, what you've accomplished.....information that will enable people who've never heard of you to at least know a LITTLE about who you are. (NOTE:  You'll also are required to answer a few interview questions, which will be sent to you via email should your music be featured here.)

3.) The Picture: This helps listeners see what you look like thereby giving them the privilege to identify you through imagery. (Face recognition) This means you should send in good clear pictures where your face can be seen in full view so people can see YOU. Be creative with your shots but not over the top. I think it's good to show different sides of yourself. The Many Colors OF to speak. The Professional you, The artist you, the casual you

4.) The Contact Information: People from all kinds of professions in the entertainment business read this blog. I know because I send the links to this blog out all over the place. I'll be adding your contact information to the write up I do for you. This way, everybody who's anybody can reach out to you themselves. A lot of Radio Personalities, DJ's, Producers, Film Editors, Promoters, Writers and other Artists read this blog, so you never know what kind of fate peppered encounter you might have.

Being featured in this column could get you gigs (some promoter might want to book you for a show) it could put you in touch with other Artist and/or Musicians with whom you might choose to collaborate, one of the DJ's might decide they want to give you a few spins in the club, or on the radio, maybe add you to their next Mixed Tape, who knows! .... and the opportunities go on. lol

So you see why you have to be up on your game when you submit anything here, and no, let me correct should be up on your game when you submit anything, anywhere! Besides, everything Im asking you for are things you should have anyway. (like my daughter says:) "Right or Wrong?"

If you happen to still be reading, you're ready and you want to make a submission, email your package to the email address in the picture Also, make sure you add yourself to my Group on Facebook....The Artists Den  There are many opportunities for people in entertainment and lots of information being posted there daily.

As usual, if you're reading this and you're not an Artist....But you know an artist who may be interested, SHARE THIS.

Singers, Rappers, Musicians, Poets, Producers, Promoters, DJ's, Executive Producers Of TV Shows, Concert Promoters, Newspaper, Magazine & Blog Writers, you promote me, I'll promote you... we have to start helping each other more....we have to start putting ourselves in situations where we CAN help each other. This column is one of those situations.

Love Ya'll Madly!

Have a remarkable weekend!!

Be Spectacular!!!

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  1. Hey Sparkle! It's Deeann D. Mathews -- BronzeBlossom from over on the CL (once upon a time ... I need to roll back through there)! Thank you for sending me the link to your blog -- it's gorgeous and definitely on point! I tweeted the facts from Motown to my Twitter followers, because that is one of the best to identify your best songs I've ever encountered! Keep up the good work, and keep me posted on new posts!

    P.S. I'm going to let Mr. Adams know about this as well -- he's now running my music business columns over on ThyBlackMan, and he ought to know about the UGC Music Blog too!