Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ut Oh...Beanie Sigel Is Back In Jail...$300,000 bail that he couldn't make

Seems like rappers and jail go hand in hand. Doing time is a badge of honor of sorts, as a rapper you ain't shyt if you haven't been arrested for something. Beans has had his share of looking at the inside of a jail cell. The latest story on the Broad Street Bully is that he was riding down interstate 95 just minding his own business asleep on the passenger side of the car, when he suddenly got pulled over by the po po.

It's Official New Reality Show Real Husbands Of Hollywood Coming Soon To BET

Yes it is official, a new show headed up by funny man Kevin Hart ( @KevinHart4real) will soon be airing on BET, at least that's the story that's currently sliding down the grapevine. Of course you know anything Kevin Hart is a part of will probably be VERY funny. My thought on this is....why Hollywood? Why not "Real Husbands Of West Philadelphia"? I mean if it's reality, let's keep it REAL. Im pretty sure that if you use your imagination you can clearly see where Im going with this. More people can relate to what's really REAL. Kevin's show will more than likely be a good one, question real will it be? Im thinking...nothing to real for tv.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated about this show as I hear more on it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Record Or A Sandwich??

They say that back in the day Motown Records Owner Barry Gordy used to sit all his people in one big room and play all the newest records for them. This was done in order for them to decide what the single for a particular album would be. In gathering this information Mr. Gordy would simply stand before them and ask...."If you only had a few dollars in your pocket and you were hungry, would you buy this record or a sandwich??" Well you see how many HITS came out of Motown so the formula must work!

Through out the course of this blog, Im going to be introducing you to some new music. There will be artists you know and have heard of, and there will be some artists you don't know and have probably never heard of, but at the end of the day the goal for this portion of UGC MUSIC BLOG is to help BREAK and EXPOSE all the new artists and follow their progress.