Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday Throwback Featuring That Boi USHER [videos inside]

I haven't done one of these in a minute! Today's Thursday Throwback is dedicated to Usher. Although he has many hit songs, today Im posting my favorites, and you'll also get a chance to review his latest song "Climax". But first let's listen to some of his throwbacks.

The song is called "Burn" and this is my number 1 favorite!
Taking it back close to the very beginning, this was another one of my faves. Notice my boi Tyrese in here as the rival. Tyrese is flippin in here, AND dancing and he's looking mighty good doing the damn thang too! Click the play button as I take you back with "My Way"!!

The dance scenes in this one are impeccable! That boy Ursher can dance his azz off! This is just a feel good song, the beats are on point and you just can't hear this song or watch this video without moving to the music. This thing is called "You Don't Have To Call" you remember.....
There's no way I can do a Thursday Throwback with Usher and NOT play this next jam. So here it is Usher....."Throwback"!
Another one of my faves, and you gotta admit, when they bang this in the club people lose their minds!! I admit, Im one of them. LOL You know this is the jam though! Quit playin and hit the play button....."Bad Girl"!
There are soooooo many more songs I could post here, but I'll close for now. I promised I'd add with his latest single "Climax" if you haven't heard it yet, you're in for a treat. He's back and he's doin the damn thing AGAIN!!This goes out to all those lovers out there who have found themselves in a dead end relationship. You've done everything you can to make it work, but your partner isn't cooperating. Remember this as you relate to this song... It takes TWO to make a thing go right, one person can't do it alone...that's why it's called a partnership! now hit the play button!

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  1. Climax, when I first heard it I fell in love with it!! Love your blog thanks for the music!