Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jermaine Jones Get's Disqualified From American Idol [video inside]

Welp, the Gentle Giant Jermaine Jones may not have been so gentle after all. They disqualified him last night for not disclosing to THEM information of his criminal record. I don't know how he could show his face on national TV twice a week KNOWING he has 4 outstanding warrants, as if no one would find out. He was bold to say the least. It to bad though, he wasn't a bad singer. the video below you'll see the moment AI Officials broke the news to him that he had to leave. I though he was gonna buss out crying, but he held it together and accepted his fate like a Man.

So in case you're wondering what his charges were for, here's the scoop I snooped! Jermaine is wanted in three counties on a bunch of charges. In addition to giving a fake name to cops, he failed to appear in court on several different charges stemming back to 2006.

He was busted for narcotics in 2006. In 2008, he was hit with an open container charge. In 2009, he gave cops a fake name. In March of last year, he gave the fake name ‘Joel Jones’ so he would avoid being picked up for a previous warrant after cops were called to a hotel to check out a disturbance.

His last arrest is as recent as late 2011. On Nov. 27, he was a passenger in a car that was pulled over during a traffic stop and stated his name was ‘Kareem D. Watkins’ in a second attempt to prevent arrest on prior warrants. He was due in court for that in December, but again failed to appear.

Just in case you're wondering, he WILL appear on the show that's what they're saying. Here's what's being said today:

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