Friday, July 8, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Golden Opportunity: Write A Verse For The Games New Single "Pot Of Gold" f/Chris Brown

Okay here we go again, another golden opportunity being placed in your hands, will you take it and run or will you let it pass you by? The choice is yours. So here's the scoop...

All you rapper's and writers out there get your thoughts and your pens together because West Coast rapper The Game  is giving the opportunity to all you rapper/writers that spit that hot fire to write a hot verse for his new single "Pot Of Gold" which features Chris Brown aka C Breezy.

All you have to do is click here: [TALENT HOUSE] do a little reading to get a clear understanding of what's going on, and submit your hottest 16 bars before the submission deadline AUGUST 8, 2011. After that Game himself will personally review all lyrics and he will pick the winner. Now here's what you get if you win...The winner will have his/her lyrics recorded by Game personally and your lyrics will be used on a special version of his new album "R.E.D. Nation" for the single "Pot Of Gold" remix. The song will be featured on, in the Interscope newsletter as well as Game's Facebook and Twitter pages. Also the names of all winners will be credited wherever the remixed track is featured.

Here's a rundown of dates to remember:
Submission Deadline: August 8, 2011
Voting Starts: August 9, 2011
Voting Ends: August 15, 2011
Winner Announcement: September 6, 2011

Here's Game trying to tell you the same thing I just said. LOL
....AND, in case you've never heard it, here's the song "Pot Of Gold"
Game f/Chris Brown - Pot Of Gold by UGC Music Blog

Do this thing and WIN??? You get instant notoriety, you add value to your publishing cache and not only will you BE a winner, but you'll also be WINNING! 

Hey as always, good luck with this should you decide to go for it ...and don't forget that Rhinosilver is STILL looking for Music TV show Hosts, and all you have to have is personality, they'll direct you through the rest! Click here for more info on that: [TV SHOW HOSTS CONTEST]

P.S.- You know what? ...It would be HOTT if you mentioned UGC MUSIC BLOG in your 16 for The Game! You know...if you could just toss that in your verse somewhere, I wouldn't be mad, you have my permission. Hey, that might even be your good luck charm. LOL Im just sayin!

Aye, it was worth a try! LOL Now what are you waiting for? If you're gonna do this, click that "Talent House" link above and get'ta writin'! And like I always say, If you're reading this and you're not going to cease the moment, pass this post on to somebody you know who'll appreciate it. I put a lot of work into this thing, let's not let it be in vein! Help me help YOU....or somebody else. Cuz you know "I get by with a little help from my friends", and "we ALL need somebody to lean on". LOL

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