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Rhinosilver Is Looking For 12 MUSIC TV SHOW HOSTS!! DEADLINE AUG 31st 2011

Okay, so by now you all should know or at least have an idea who Rhinosilver is and what they do. Especially since the last write up I did on them remains one of the top five most read entries on this blog.

Besides the fact that they're fastly becoming THE major distribution company who cater to distributing the product [cd's & dvd's] of artists who want to remain independent, they have also ventured off into TV Land. See one day you all will listen to me, I know potential when I see it. I told you all MONTHS ago about Rhinosilver I made a call out to Indy Artists so you all could jump on the bandwagon while they were still on ground level and NOW look at them!!! They're doing the George & Wheezy on us...."Movin On Up", and they are not playin'!

They just penned a deal with a major TV Station to produce Music TV Shows dealing with 6 different genres of music which I'll list later. The important thing is that they need hosts for these shows and that's where YOU come in.

So let me give you the rundown real quick. They'll have a total of 6 different shows showcasing, as I said before, 6 different genres of music and they need 2 hosts for each show. So in short, they're looking for 12 hosts in total, which means YOU have a really good shot of being one. Now of course nothing comes for free, and not that you have to pay any money, you DO have to spend some time on building in order to get the spot, and become a host on national TV.

Let me explain...Here are the steps you must take to "audition" so to speak.
  1. Create a video telling viewers why you think YOU would be a good host for one of the 6 TV Shows. They're looking for personality, creativity, originality and a little knowledge about the genre of music for the show you want to be the host of wouldn't hurt either. There are a zillion ways you can be creative with telling them why you'd be the best person to pick for the job, so don't be afraid to use your imagination. You can even pretend you're actually hosting a even have the names of all the shows listed below. Go out on a limb, and have fun with it. Remember the slogan for this contest...."Thousands Will Enter, But Only 12 Will Win. So that means you have to be so unique that YOU stand out among thousands! Oh yeah, don't panic if you don't have a professional camera to make a video. You can use your web cam, your cell phone, one of those flip cameras...hell even a small digital still camera, THEY even have a video option now....mostly all of them do.
  2. Go this page on :
  3. Look in the box in the upper left of the page that says "TOP PRODUCERS"
  4. Click the button under where it says "Producers Join Here"
  5. Then join. NOTE: Make sure you sign up as a producer, otherwise you won't be able to upload your video unless you pay for a membership. Remember I told you this was free? Well this is the only way you can get on the site and upload anything. If you join as a member you're limited because you'll only be signing up as a basic member.
  6. So after you join you can finally upload your video to your account. Make sure you title it TV Host Contest, that way it will find it's self on the Music TV Show Contest page.
  7. Finally after all that's done, tell everybody you know to go to your page on and VOTE for you to win....Tell them to go over there and VOTE like you were Obama running for his first term! Because THAT'S how you win! The people with the most votes win.
One more thing, inform your people that they must join before they're permitted to vote, you can send them here: [It's free for them to join too!!!] That's it in a nutshell! It looks like a lot because I listed everything in detail but it's really only three steps...1.) Create a video 2.) upload it to 3.) tell all your people to go there to vote for you so you can win!

Here's another important factor: The deadline for the contest is Sunday AUGUST 31st! The voting is over as of 8/31/11 so it would be to your benefit to get your videos up NOW so you'll have time to get those votes!

*Also for more info in detail, or answers to the most frequently asked questions about this contest you can visit click this link:

**Here's a list of of the genres and names of all 6 shows:

 Hip-Hop / Rap Music TV Show  "In Your City"

 R & B / Jazz  Music TV Show  "Soul Music 365"

 Rock / Alternative Music TV Show  "Rock Out"

 Country Music TV Show  "Country Music USA"

 Latin / Reggae Music TV Show  "True Culture"

 Gospel Music TV Show "High Praises"

Okay so that's pretty much the gist of what's going down with the contest. To anyone who actually tries to win this thing, I wish you all the best and I admire your courage for stepping out and taking a chance to do something great! Even if you don't become the host of one of these shows, you're STILL a winner in my book because you took a chance on the greatest person of all....YOU!

For those of you who sleep on yet another golden opportunity, it's time for you to evaluate if being in the business is something you REALLY want to do. It takes hard work, tough skin, faith in yourself, and lots of heart! If you're lacking or even slacking in any one of those areas, you're doomed in this thing before you even start, and Im not talking about this contest, Im talking about your career in entertainment as a whole! No Fear Baby!! Just like scared money can't win neither can a scared artist! Stand up, be bold and claim your spot in the light! After that there's nothing left to do but SHINE!!!

Now go make that videos and be the star that you are!

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