Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Randy Jackson Was Shot By Tina Turner And He Has The Scar To Prove It

Tonight, during a questions and answers session with his twitter fans and followers, Randy Jackson answered several questions concerning Michael's death...well all that he could speak on... and stated that just because you don't hear anything more about it, it doesn't mean that he and the family aren't on it. Out of all the responses to the many questions he was asked, it was the one about Tina Turning shooting him back in the day that stuck with me most.

Now I know if I would have come up in here saying anything about sweet, innocent, Buddhist, ol' lady Turner SHOOTING him you wouldn't have believed me! So I took a screenshot of the tweet as proof. LOL Maybe you already knew about this, but I've heard NOTHING, so it was news to me!  Anyway here's the screenshot....

WHO knew??? *shrugs*

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