Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featured Artist of the week -RnB Neo Soul Singer LATHUN [Videos Inside]

Coming to us straight from Detroit, Lathun Grady has got to be one of the most slept on artists during the last decade. Although this young man was signed to Motown, I would say he's definitely still an underground artist. I mean, yeah he was signed to Motown, and he got his shine, but there wasn't enough light for anybody to really see anything.

I remember the first time I heard him sing....It was the summer of 2001. I was on TV hosting The Funkshop, my music video show and my video provider, sent me a video called Fortunate and asked me to add it in my rotation. It was the title track off Lathun's then new album "Fortunate". I listened to the song with it's Soothing had a kind of Latin Caribbean feel to it, with a dash of Hip Hop sprinkles. The lyrics were quite poetic and made me think of a time when I was in love and felt "Fortunate" because of it. You know there's no feeling in the world like one of being in love! I have to admit, I really liked the song, and the video was real cute too.....cute and simple. Okay so I was impressed enough to pay attention to this guy, but when I found out that he also wrote and produced MOST of the songs on his album I was wholly impressed. After that I was hooked, and I just knew for sure that this brother was going places. I added his video to The Funkshop Rotation and even though the label gave me his new CD, I still went out and bought one just to support the artist. Here's his song Fortunate. You'll probably remember it when you hear it. Listen to it, then I'll come back and tell you more about Lathun, with his pretty eyed self....Wooo!


Niiiice right? Okay so that's the song that caught my attention and reeled me in. After I took some time and really listened to his CD it was all over but the shout.

Now before I let you hear a few of his other songs let me just let you know that although in 2001 the Motown label was introducing Lathun as "new" on the scene, that wasn't exactly true. He came into the music business as a Producer, producing songs and working with talent like India Arie, Immature, Lil'Jon, Jermaine Dupri, Xscape and Raphael Saadiq. This is why it was so easy for him to write and produce most of the tracks on his album. This brother is a self-taught pianist, guitarist and drummer....AND just so you know he also sings most of his own background vocals. Not that all this is such a big deal in 2011, but it really IS a big deal. You'd be surprised at the number of singers who can't harmonize their own background vocals. Im just sayin'. LOL Anyway, this next song Im going to let you hear is my favorite song from Lathun. Personally I think it's one of the most beautiful I've hever heard him sing. This song personifies a man who loves his mate. My favorite verse in the song is the second verse and it goes a lil somethin' like this... "Heard some say, a dream is a wish that your heart makes and Im ready to fall asleep... and please don't wake me, till this day is a reality. Yes I've been in love before, but it never was what it is and never will be, and if faith works patients I keep waiting, and waiting on you... Long as I live I'll be lovin' you....we are, forever one flesh...." Awww shoot, here's the song, then you can feel me....Close your eyes and focus on his voice when he sings this one and even though you're eyes are closed you'll be able to actually see what Im saying.

See what I mean tho??? I swear I would have loved to see him and Lyfe Jennings do a song together, that would have been tight.....unfortunately Lyfe has retired from the music industry, or so it was at last I heard. I loved me some Lyfe Jennings too.

This next song is a great summertime song. It's called BBQ...I like to call it Back Yard BBQ and you'll see why when you hear the song. This song is very Neo Soul, it's a very fun and happy song. It makes you reminisce about all the BBQ's you've attended especially the big family ones. Im not gonna talk all day about this one. It's pretty self explanatory in and of it's self, if you know what I mean. So here it is...

Now that you have a better idea as to who this artist is, can anybody tell me why he isn't recognized for his works? How come he didn't get the support he needed from radio? I have so many questions and not enough time to ask them...but it's always made me wonder WHY he isn't bigger in the least not over here in the states. Aaaaaah anyway, if you want to learn more about this artist, google him. In the meantime, thank you for checking out the B-Spot and I pray that you have a beautiful holiday weekend!!! Independence Day......and my feelings on that are a whoooole nother blog entry, don't even get me started! But ya'll have yourselves a good time! LOL....Whew!

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