Monday, May 16, 2011

R.I.P. M-BONE (Cali Swag District Group Member)


Lastnight (5/15/11) One of the members of Cali Swag District went on to meet the creator. 22 year old Montae Talbert [better known as M-Bone]'s untimely death has not been determined as of yet, but hopefully we'll hear some word on the cause very soon. There are 4 members of the group total... 3 rappers and M-Bone who was the more quiet and laid back dancer. The group known for the song "Teach Me How To Dougie" morns the loss of their childhood friend, as shown here by a tweet that was discovered early this morning by the groups leader, Smoove: "Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone."

It's always sad to see ANY brother pass on...especially one so talented, so gifted and so young. Sleep Well M-Bone, and thank you for teaching the WORLD how to Dougie!!

Cali Swag District

Okay M-Bone's cause of death was due to a deadly disease that plagues our streets, who's victims are becoming younger and younger everyday. It's called MURDER. M-Bone was the victim of a drive-by shooting, and at first police were saying that it appeared to be a random act of violence but now they suspect that the shooting was not "random" at all. Now they think M-Bone was targeted. Here's an important detail: Witnesses are saying, the shooter fired, left, then pulled a U-turn and came back around, possibly to see if he hit his target.

Now it get's even deeper, M-Bone's friends have been in touch with cops, and they've been telling investigators after he got back to L.A. off his tour, he got involved with some chick....but that a dude who lived in the woman's building was hating and didn't like the relationship, and "allegedly" began making threats to M-Bone by way of Twitter account. The two were going at it back and forth and apparently it got pretty heated.

M-Bone was next to his car in front of an Inglewood, CA liquor store at 11:32 PM Sunday when shots rang out. Supposedly the shooter was driving down La Brea Avenue alone in his car when he fired.

Come to find out, the black car M-Bone was standing in front of when he got shot was guess who's??? THE MYSTERIOUS woman's. Which makes her no longer mysterious because the car was registered in her name.

Now there are two things the cops are currently trying to figure out...
Why M-Bone was driving the woman's car and whether the cyber war is in any way related to the shooting.

*sigh* And the plot thickens....

Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted!

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