Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RHINOSILVER....The Distribution Company That Makes Sure YOU Get Paid For Your Music!!


I talk to artists everyday, and it amazes me how most of them think that they must rely on a major record label in order to be successful in the music industry. WRONG!!! Believe it or not more and more unsigned artists and even already established superstars are finding that they would rather do it on their own terms....I mean really, when you think about it WHO wouldn't??? Artists who research and know the business have found that they don't need to relinquish control of their music and careers in order to sell albums and allow their music to be heard....especially when all they want is to be heard.

Rollingstone Magazine recently published: "a growing group of musicians [have] discovered they can put out music, connect with fans and earn more money while not working with a major record company." Listen, no truer words have been spoken! Understand that you CAN be heard by the masses as well as EARN MORE MONEY ON THE SELLS OF YOUR CD and Im going to tell you the first step in how to do that!

Okay so let's say you're an artist who knows how to grind. You have your stuff up on Reverb Nation, CD Baby, I Tunes, Amazon.com and where ever else. Not to mention the Myspace page you haven't updated in months due to neglect from your constant presence on Facebook and Twitter...that's all well and good. Now think about how much they're paying you off the sell of each CD and that's if you even sell a CD! It's not much right???

Rhinosilver is a company that sets it's self apart from the average digital distribution company and I'll tell you why....
  • Let's say you decide you want to sell the digital download of your CD on the internet for $10.00 a pop. Rinosilver makes sure YOU get $8.00 for every digital CD sold. You get $8.00 and they get $2.00....EIGHT DOLLARS For EVERY CD SOLD!!! Real simple.
  • If someone buys the digital download of your CD and they want a physical copy as well, Rhinosilver takes care of that for you as well, and you don't have to do a damn thing but sit back and wait on a check! [how sweet is THAT???]
  • Let's say you have a big show that can really give you that exposure you need and the promoter says you can sell your CD's during that show. Rhinosilver will give you Download Cards that you can pass out while you're at the show and you don't have to worry about carrying boxes of bulky CD's around. [And anyone who's ever done it knows how so000 NOT CUTE that is!]
  • And just for the sake of saying, they do the same thing for the sells of DVD's!
Now you can TRY to beat that with a bat but the deal is so damn tough I don't think you can! LOL I mean really, if you're reading this and you're a struggling damn near BROKE azz artist trying to get heard and sell your music you'd have to be CAR-RAZY not to at least try Rhinosilver. REALLY!! What have you got to lose??? And not to sound crass or anything but I KNOW this economy sucks and people really don't have a lot of money to do the things they want to do....let alone the things they NEED to do. Im just keeping it real and you should too. ESPECIALLY if you can use $8.00 from every CD you sell! Best believe, when I drop my 10 piece DVD Series that teaches artists the ins and outs of the Music Industry, Rhinosilver.com will be the ONLY place you can find it! I WANT my $8.00!! LOL Im serious, I already have a page over there up and running! Think Im lyin'??? Click Here

Here's all you have to do:
  1. Make sure you music is copywritten
  2. Go to rhinosilver.com and create a page
  3. upload your music and video's on that page
  4. Send an email to marketing@rhinosilver.com letting them know you want them to distribute your music. It's only a one time fee of 35.00 if you mention UGC MUSIC BLOG should you decide to become a VIP Member!
  5. Send them your MP3's and the artwork for your covers
  6. Then you send EVERYBODY you know to your page and tell them to buy your music from there.
  7. Sit back and wait for your checks to roll in. It's really THAT simple!!!

You need to get on over there and get you a page and it's FREE to join! Now don't forget, if you want to be a VIP and get the exclusive treatment it'll run ya' a one time fee of $35.00 [IF you mention UGC Music Blog!] but that's nothing compared to what you'll get back in record sales if you work it right. And hey, truth be told, you have to be willing to invest in yourself. If you're not willing to invest in YOU, how can you expect other people to??? I've talked enough though! I have provided video below of JAMES HENRY the owner of Rhinosilver appearing as a guest on my boy Chrismorale's radio show along with his co-host My girl Donna Mofo Hari. I figure HE can tell you about what he does better than me, so check out the videos and you make the choice!

In part one JAMES HENRY talks about an artist having his stuff together when presenting him/herself! You KNOW how important that is, presentation is EVERYTHING, because it defines the first impression. He also speaks about an artists conduct and how he/she should be a man/woman of their word. If you say you're going to be somewhere then BE there! Take a listen ....

Below you'll find Part II. In Part II Owner JAMES HENRY breaks down the logistics of exactly what it is they do pertaining to digital music being sold on the internet. Great information is being passed off here....pay attention!!!

Below here you'll find Part III. In Part III the owner of Rhinosilver JAMES HENRY talks about money, everybody getting their fair share of the pie and why they make sure YOU get the bulk of the money off the sales of your music when you use them as your distributor. This is definitely worth paying attention to!!!



If you have any questions for Mr. Henry about how to get started or anything else, you can email him at marketing@rhinosilver.com Mention the UGC Music Blog and see what happens!

Hey look, the only way we can change this game is to keep eachother knowledgeable. We all know somebody who's either in the studio laying tracks for a new CD, about to drop a new CD, just dropped a new CD or has a CD sitting around waiting to be sold. Pass this article on to that artist and make their lives a little easier and hell if you think it'll work tell them you want a percentage of that $8.00 TOO! Tell them your last name is Jefferson and Dammit, you want your piece of the pie!!!LOL

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