Friday, May 20, 2011

ATTN: ALL ARTISTS and PRODUCERS!!!!! Music Submissions For Spike Lee's New Movie Are Being Taken NOOOOOW!!!!

You know how Im always getting on you guys [unsigned artists] about not having the paperwork for your songs in order? No copyrights, no publishing, no clean edits, poor production....etc. Well, it is for opportunities such as this one I have in my hand right now, that pop up out of the blue and end up catching most of you unprepared....and then you wonder why you never get your big break! And really it's nobody's fault but your own, mainly because you haven't done the things YOU were supposed to do. Im doing my part in providing you with the information of opportunities, but you have to do your part by taking the information and actually doing something with it.

N-T-Way....This entry is not to brow beat you in any way...and Im not going to go into another one of my tangents.  But for the record, I only go there because I love people who are blessed with God given talents and I don't believe they should be wasted due to lack of knowledge. So if I seem hard on Artists sometimes it's only because I want them to do better. Tough love may be hard to take sometimes but it is INTENDED to make a person do better.

So here's what I got! Spike Lee is the Executive Producer of a new movie titled "You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You" which is written and directed by a brotha who is definitely on the rise, Michael A. Pinckney. Right now they are looking for original music for the movie score (the soundtrack) This is where YOU come in, or any artist you know. PLEASE make sure the paperwork on the submitted tracks is legit otherwise YOU WILL NOT GET PAID!!! Because IF your tracks are picked you WILL get paid.

All submissions must be sent to no later than MAY 29th 2011 at Midnight. Any track submitted after that will be NOT be sent in so don't miss the boat or your azz will be stuck on the island! If you submit an unedited version of a track, you MUST submit the clean edit as well. Submit all tracks along with your NAME, EMAIL ADDY, CONTACT NUMBER and A PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Please don't not send in any more than 4 tracks if you are an artist. Producers may send in no more than 5 Instrumentals. Tracks MUST be in MP3 format. If you send in more than what is mentioned above some of them will not make the cut. If the songs are not in MP3 format they will not make the cut as well.

Once your music is submitted it will be considered. If they choose one of your tracks you will be notified and then sent the necessary paperwork so that you can get your royalty money.

Below you will find info on the movie so you can get an idea of what kind of tracks to submit.

Set in the perilous world of the Hip Hop industry. Music and murder and collide as a serial killer with an appetite for some of Hip Hops biggest stars is on the loose. Two New York homicide detectives are thrown into a world they know nothing about in hopes to nab the killer.  With a multitude of leads and only lyrical epitaphs as clues the detectives go deep into the world of Hip Hop in search of the killer or killers. In it they find a cast of characters, all who could benefit from the murders.  At the center of the investigation is Manchild, a rap star who is enjoying a meteoric rise to fame but beginning to question the madness in the industry and the shallowness of those around him.  When an attempt is made on his life, he fears he’s next on the killers list. The surprise ending comes to a climax as the detectives are hot on the killers trail and discover that the killer is not who they thought it was.

James McDaniel...detective johnson [credits: NYPD, Edge of America and Public Television's Storytime.]

Michael Mosley...detective francelli [credits: third watch and law & order]

Assiatou Lea...Terrell [credits: zooey and driving fish]

Nashawn Kearse...Manchild [credits: the sopranos, desperate housewives and entourage]

Michael K Williams…A.D [credits: the wire and Boardwalk Empire]

Kevin Carroll...Maurice [credits: the notorious bettie page, paid in full, being john malkovich, and numb3rs]

Julito McCullum…Miles [credits: the wire, akeela and the bee, and law & order]

Dougie Fresh…Rob Ski

Ed Lover… Himself
Big Daddy Kane … Himself Also keep in mind that the movie is described as a Hitchcock-styled thriller.  Here's  the trailer:

....and as usual, if you know anybody who could use this opportunity please by all means SHARE!

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