Friday, May 20, 2011

ATTN: ALL ARTISTS and PRODUCERS!!!!! Music Submissions For Spike Lee's New Movie Are Being Taken NOOOOOW!!!!

You know how Im always getting on you guys [unsigned artists] about not having the paperwork for your songs in order? No copyrights, no publishing, no clean edits, poor production....etc. Well, it is for opportunities such as this one I have in my hand right now, that pop up out of the blue and end up catching most of you unprepared....and then you wonder why you never get your big break! And really it's nobody's fault but your own, mainly because you haven't done the things YOU were supposed to do. Im doing my part in providing you with the information of opportunities, but you have to do your part by taking the information and actually doing something with it.

N-T-Way....This entry is not to brow beat you in any way...and Im not going to go into another one of my tangents.  But for the record, I only go there because I love people who are blessed with God given talents and I don't believe they should be wasted due to lack of knowledge. So if I seem hard on Artists sometimes it's only because I want them to do better. Tough love may be hard to take sometimes but it is INTENDED to make a person do better.

Monday, May 16, 2011


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R.I.P. M-BONE (Cali Swag District Group Member)


Lastnight (5/15/11) One of the members of Cali Swag District went on to meet the creator. 22 year old Montae Talbert [better known as M-Bone]'s untimely death has not been determined as of yet, but hopefully we'll hear some word on the cause very soon. There are 4 members of the group total... 3 rappers and M-Bone who was the more quiet and laid back dancer. The group known for the song "Teach Me How To Dougie" morns the loss of their childhood friend, as shown here by a tweet that was discovered early this morning by the groups leader, Smoove: "Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RHINOSILVER....The Distribution Company That Makes Sure YOU Get Paid For Your Music!!


I talk to artists everyday, and it amazes me how most of them think that they must rely on a major record label in order to be successful in the music industry. WRONG!!! Believe it or not more and more unsigned artists and even already established superstars are finding that they would rather do it on their own terms....I mean really, when you think about it WHO wouldn't??? Artists who research and know the business have found that they don't need to relinquish control of their music and careers in order to sell albums and allow their music to be heard....especially when all they want is to be heard.

Rollingstone Magazine recently published: "a growing group of musicians [have] discovered they can put out music, connect with fans and earn more money while not working with a major record company." Listen, no truer words have been spoken! Understand that you CAN be heard by the masses as well as EARN MORE MONEY ON THE SELLS OF YOUR CD and Im going to tell you the first step in how to do that!