Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ginuwine F/Tank - Heaven [Videos Inside]

Yeeeessss, finally some new music from Ginuwine! He's been gone so long there's a possibility that you might have forgotten who he is....well if you did Im going to make you remember! You don't have to thank me, it's just what I DO!!! LOL Are you ready???............

First let's check out the new track featuring Tank. The man has STILL got it, his vocals are still as tight as they were back in the 90's and Tank only compliments the song....check it out.

Now let's go back to 96 and take a ride on the 'Pony'!

As you can see Chris Brown has NOTHING on my man G! But that's not the only song he was noted for. Im taking you back to 99 now and Im really "So Anxious" for you to check out this next video because it was one of my favorites. Make sure you pay special attention to the dance break near the end of the song. Again I say, Chris Brown ain't got NOTHIN' on Ginuwine!

Here's another one from 1999, it features his wife the rapper Sole, I'll post something from her later just so you'll know who she is, and if you already know who she is Imma make you remember the song she was most known for. LOL Now if you think the dance break in the 'So Anxious' video was nice, wait till you see the dance break in THIS one. You'll be glued to the computer as you watch HIS rendition of Turbo's Classic Broom Dance outside in front of the store....this thing is called 'None Of Your Friends Business'....Check it out.

Ginuwine went on to do more videos to more songs but after a while ol' boy disappeared off the radar and we heard nothing from him....UNTIL 2009 when he came back with 'Last Chance', now I KNOW you remember THIS song because it didn't do to bad. I mean radio was KILLIN' this song and I have to admit....well watch the video and you'll see for yourself that he actually hasn't changed a bit!

Okay so earlier I said I'd post something from his wife Sole, she was a rapper in the 90's who did a quick stint, but after she and G got married she decided to give up rockin the stage for rockin cradles....she was a pretty good rapper to. Here's my favorite song from her and it's featuring my girl Kandi formerly of the group Xscape....oh and you know Kandi now from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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