Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calling For The Hip Hop Community To Rise Up & Do Something!!!!

DJ Kool Herc Needs Your Help....HIP HOP HEADZ STAND UP!!!

If you haven't already heard Mr.Clive Campbell better known to us as DJ Kool Herc is very ill and in need of an operation. He like many others of us in America is in need of medical insurance to cover his overloading medical bills. According to Herc's official website he's suffering from "kidney stones that caused him internal bleeding and serious pain."

Fact: If it wasn't for Kool Herc all of you who adore Hip Hop or have ever adored Hip Hop and it's culture, would have been  loving some other kind of music, because THIS is the man that started it all. You can't tell me you love Hip Hop and you don't know who this man is and what his contribution to Hip Hop was. IF you don't know you need to hit Google as soon as you finish reading here. The man needs help plain and simple. He needs the people who love Hip Hop to rise up and take care of their own. The Father of Hip Hop is in trouble..

Since he made a major contribution to the Hip Hop culture why can't contributions be made to HIM??? They don't even have to be major, just give what you can.

Some members of the Hip Hop community have already taken it upon themselves to help out. To help raise awareness and funds, Oakland’s DJ Child, along with Ras Terms & Safety 1st (Black Diamond Shining) put together a video to pay homage and of course you know I have it.....

It's totally crazy to me how all these artists can band together and decide to give up Facebook and Twitter and pretend like their dead to raise money for aids research in Africa, yet right here at home one of their very own is dying and you don't see or hear anything about them using any slick marketing strategy to raise money for him. In spite of their effort which seems to be very little, a DJ Kool Herc Fund has been created to hopefully raise enough money to help the ol' Boi out. I'll provide info below as to how you can donate anything should you be inclined to do so. Now relax and enjoy the tribute DJ Childs put together for Kool Herc.

DJ Child Presents STRENGTH – A Tribute Mix Dedicated to DJ Kool Herc

Here's the information about how you can donate money to help Herc.

Donations can be sent to:

P.O. BOX 20472

or donations can be made via paypal to his sister: cindycampbell1@aol.com
You can find out more info via DJ Premier‘s blog
Or you can go to Herc's official website: http://www.djkoolherc.com

Let's try to help the brotha out. You'd be amazed what we can do if we unify and stick together. If everybody who ever said they loved Hip Hop just donated ONE DOLLAR Kool Herc would have no problems getting what he medically needs. Just ONE Dollar.....that's all.
“I feel that we as a culture glorify death rather than honor life—let’s shift the paradigm of this mindstate and act to provide strength & support for individuals while they are still here to appreciate it.” ~ DJ Child  

Get Well Soon Kool Herc, you and your family will remain in my prayers. Hip Hop Don't Stop!!!

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