Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buju Banton Is Found Guilty Of Drug Trafficking

For all you Dancehall & Reggae fans out there who haven't already heard. Ya' boi Buju Banton has been found guilty of three out of four drug trafficking and gun charges brought up against him in court this Tuesday. The charges were as follows: 1.) Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine 2.) Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense 3.) Using the wires to facilitate a drug trafficking offense.

The verdict followed a four-day trial where Buju testified that he was entrapped by Alexander Johnson [a federal informant], and never wanted to purchase any drugs. Sounds like that testimony could have possible worked right??? Well unfortunately for him, that story got shot to hell and back when  a video that the prosecution presented to the jurors showed Buju actually tasting the shipment of cocaine inside of a warehouse. That pretty much sealed the deal for a conviction. I mean how could he explain THAT? Seems odd to be tasting the product if you're not buying it....Or maybe he was hungry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jennifer Husdon -'Where You At'

Jennifer Hudson comes back to us with a new song called 'Where You At' off the Arista Record Label. This song was produced by R.Kelly and Harvey Mason, for her forthcoming album, 'I Remember Me'. It's a nice least I think so. Hope you enjoy!

Erykah Badu Is A DJ Now! [Video]

Over the years we've seen the many faces of Miss Erykah Badu. She is definitely an artist in her own rite...a rite that she not only worked HARD for but EARNED as well. She has my greatest respect as an artist because she always remained true to herself and she never conformed to what mainstream dictated. If they told her to wear a wig, she wore the biggest wig she could find, if they told her she had to lose the dreads, she went totally bald and rocked that, if they told her she had to show a little azz because sex sells, she made a video that showed her WHOLE ENTIRE azz! LOL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

T-Pain - Hustle Hard (T Mix) [dirty]

This should be the new anthem for all my hustlers out there. T-Pain puts it down on this track. It's produced by Lex Luger and you'll find it on the soon to be released 'Revolver" album. Enjoy the track and ALWAYS hustle hard!

Ciara -Love's Funny

This song was supposed to make the cut for Ciara's 'Basic Instinct' album which is in stores now, but it didn't make it on the album at all. I like the song because it actually shows a different side of Ciara....a more laid back and relaxed beat thumpin' foot stompin' music this time. You hear the vulnerable emotion in this song.....kinda sounds like a theme song for a movie. lol  Produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart this song will show you Ciara's versatility and make you want to listen to it again.....and again JUST to make sure it's really her. Enjoy!!!

Jawan Harris f/Chris Brown - Another Planet

This is 12 Year old Jawan Harris....well at least I heard he was only 12, but to be so young he's a pretty good singer although you can hear that he has a young sounding voice. I can't say that what he's doing on this track is really singing though. You'll see what Im saying when you listen to the song. Im really feeling the music on this track too. The song features Chris Brown which is a pretty nice touch to help carry the song. This song comes to you from the Jive Records/Sony Records lablels and little Jawan's new album will be coming out soon.

Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect (dirty)

I love this girl's voice! Hailing from the UK this is her single off her new album 'Who Are You' which will be released soon on Lava Records/Universal Republic Records. Check out Nobody's Perfect and see how you like it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Raphael Saadiq - Good Man [Video]

Raphael Saadiq is back with his newest offering to us titled "Good Man". His upcoming album called Stone Rolling is scheduled for a March release. This video is a must see...very deep. You might have to watch it a couple times to see what's REALLY going on with the story line in this piece but it's well worth the watch. This video could definitely get people talking, especially after you see what the leading lady does in here to her all I can say is WOW......REALLY??? 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calling For The Hip Hop Community To Rise Up & Do Something!!!!

DJ Kool Herc Needs Your Help....HIP HOP HEADZ STAND UP!!!

If you haven't already heard Mr.Clive Campbell better known to us as DJ Kool Herc is very ill and in need of an operation. He like many others of us in America is in need of medical insurance to cover his overloading medical bills. According to Herc's official website he's suffering from "kidney stones that caused him internal bleeding and serious pain."

Fact: If it wasn't for Kool Herc all of you who adore Hip Hop or have ever adored Hip Hop and it's culture, would have been  loving some other kind of music, because THIS is the man that started it all. You can't tell me you love Hip Hop and you don't know who this man is and what his contribution to Hip Hop was. IF you don't know you need to hit Google as soon as you finish reading here. The man needs help plain and simple. He needs the people who love Hip Hop to rise up and take care of their own. The Father of Hip Hop is in trouble..

Monday, February 7, 2011

e.d.g.e. - Colorblind Eye

e.d.g.e. addresses some serious issues facing Black culture in today's society on the second leak off his upcoming All Flow Everything album, titled "Colorblind Eye" (produced by Roswell).

HaLo - Boom Bap For The Radio [Video]

This is definitely something true Hip Hop Headz will appreciate. HaLo “Boom Bap For The Radio.” The 9th Wonder produced track appeared on HaLo’s latest project, Heat Writer II. Video directed by Kenneth Price.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raheem DaVaughn f/Philade - Early Mornings

Musiq Soulchild f/Swiss Beatz - Anything

He's Baaaack!! He's on Atlantic Records and his new album is coming out soon. This is the single.....that's all I can say! LOL Enjoy!!!

Ginuwine F/Tank - Heaven [Videos Inside]

Yeeeessss, finally some new music from Ginuwine! He's been gone so long there's a possibility that you might have forgotten who he is....well if you did Im going to make you remember! You don't have to thank me, it's just what I DO!!! LOL Are you ready???............