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Where Have All The Flowers Gone [Heather B]

UGC Music Blog, PA - Born Heather B Gardner, rapper Heather B hit the scene on TV all over America by way of MTV's  The Real World: New York. That was the very first season of The Real World hit reality show back in '92' I believe.

Hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey, the now 40 year old Heather B was one of only two African Americans on that show at the time. The other was roommate Kevin Powell, poet and writer extraordinaire.

Heather B says she's a rapper first, and even on the show it was nothing to watch the camera's follow her into countless studio sessions as she prepared for the release of her first album "Takin' Mine" which brought forth several tracks that we all knew and loved, or loved hating. One of those songs was "All Glocks Down"...which I believe, if my mind serves me correctly was released in 1994. But no one really took notice until 96 when the Takin' Mine' album was finally released on Pendulum Records.

'All Glocks Down'

"Walking with middle finger up brown tims steppin' through
Coming soon to a corner spot near you
Its the side walkin' rap talkin' hip hop sister
No need to try me misss-ter
You got rhymes go for it we need no chorus
Freestyles comin' from da door
And who's testin' the untestable styles flexible
You gonna haveta bounce twelve rounds
TKO by the third fu@k what you heard...."
'All Glocks Down' got some radio play, but it was never put in heavy rotation, I think it only got the support it did because of her association with Boogie Down Productions, but that's just my opinion. About two years later she dropped the follow up single from the same album (see you could do that then and get away with it. lol) titled 'If Headz Only Knew' which I must say got much more attention than All Glocks Down and I thought THAT one was the better song. NOT as good as 'My Kinda Nigga' with M.O.P. though, that was my shiz!!! LOL

If Headz Only Knew
"Demolition done, competition none
Reputation unsung strong long ground what
I got verbals, got herbals, and antihistamines
I'm herbally and verbally distributin you listenin
It's more to it, than a Lex and duplex
Don't sell sex or 'mote sex sells, I got more respect
Dressed in jeans, Gortex and striped rugbies
With the strength of fifty-four niggaz, word, that love me
Hoes ain't ready for the shit I got
And when I finally rock they'll see I turned it up a notch
No more comin, but yo' crack is wide open
Or try to be hardcore, claimin, you totin
I hope that you be hopin, when I'm rhymin, I'm jokin
My tech', is more complex than weed smokin
Senile, it's time that I get more agile
Style versatile, FU@K doin a minute, in the penile
Attitude hostile, intelligently hostile
Not just the rhymes but my frame of mind will drop you"

'My Kinda Nigga'
Side Note: This video was directed by Omar Epps

"Demolition done, competition none, reputation unsung...." And she was definitely unsung. Think about it. 1996, Lil' Kim is doin' damage and Foxy is on the scene makin' noise at that time too, yet with all this going on we took time to notice Heather B, never mind who liked her and who didn't, we ALL knew her, her body of work and STILL with little to no radio airplay, thanks to MTV & BET (which we watched on the regular.) we felt her presence. She went on to release songs off the 'Takin Mine' album such as 'I Get Wreck'

Heather never really did well on the charts but she did sell records and at the end of the day that's what counts. One year later (1997) she was snatched up by major label MCA Records and in 1998 she released a two track single (my favorite HB song) titled 'Do You'.

'Do You'
When you countin on your peoples and they don't pull through
I'ma do me (you gots to do you)
Niggaz game so weak I can see right through
I'ma do me (you gots to do you)
Everybody got a time and I know mine's due
I'ma do me (you gots to do you)
See you out there gettin yours, gots ta gets mine too
I'ma do me (you gots to do you)

Unfortunately 'Do You' was yet another busted track when it came to mega record sales and of course part of the reason was because AGAIN Heather got little or no airplay support. Soooooo, her contract with MCA was dissolved before a full length album could be released. In 2002 she released her second album 'Eternal Affairson' on the Sai Records International label. The album’s only single was the track Live M.C. guessed it, still no love from the people who control the airwaves the song didn't do well BUT it was an underground and club hit.

So what's Heather B doing now, you ask? Well I don't know if you know this but in mid 2010 Heather B released another album titled 'Open Bar' on GIWOM Entertainment and dropped the first single called 'The Game Don't Stop' and since you probably haven't heard the song....well you already know how radio and the press do her given the past history I just told you and if it wasn't for this write up you probably would have never known, so at least this article is serving SOME kind of purpose. Here's the new track:

'The Game Don't Stop'

And there you have it, the quick version of who Heather B actually is. She's more famous for her part in the very first Real World season ever, but she was an aspiring artist way before that. She was heavy on her grind then and she STILL is. I give her props and respect for sticking with it after all these years of being so close but never being able to sit down and breathe in it. I guess she keeps on going because like she said: 'The Game Don't Stop'!!!

I love the track Do You, but I LOVE 'Guilty', because it explains why Heather was never on top, and why she probably never will be. When you don't change into what people want you to be and you stay true to yourself, you get treated with no compromise, because YOU won't compromise, and that's a good thing. ALWAYS be you!  Here's Guilty listen to it and feel what Im sayin...


Heather B.......So if ya' don't know, NOW ya' knooooow!!!

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