Friday, January 7, 2011

The CHRISMORALE Experience [Radio Show] Is looking For Artists To Submit Music

  Message From CHRISMORALE

the chrismorale experience telll eribody u kno! share, tweet it, text it, email it, note it, message it, foward it, Instant message it, whisper it, INVITE sunfin. if you think your music is the best, send in those edited/clean/radio friendly high quality MP3s to 

Check out past episodes @ and you have nuffin to lose.

Every Wednesday night is the place. and 1 609 447 0236 is the number to call in. hollar @ me

To find our more about Chrismoral 'the MAN' as seen through the eyes of his Business Partner Donna CLICK HERE

So there you have it people, the brotha is making a call out for music submissions. As an artist trying to get exposure from every outlet possible, THIS is something you should break your neck to follow through on. I'll be posting other Indy Radio Stations that support unsigned artists in the future. It is stations like this who WILL PLAY and support your music. You just have to make sure YOUR game is tight. Don't go to this man or anybody I send you to half azzed. Meaning, make sure you're handling your BUSINESS.

Click on 'read more' below to view the check list I put together for you.

Here's the check list:

  • Make sure copyright/Publishing is in order for every track you send ANYBODY.
  • Clean edited versions of your tracks (No cursing and no usage of the word nigga that's not cute and when dealing with radio "keeping it real" in that sense will not get your music played.) 
  • If you send in a whole CD (mp3 format of course) ALWAYS point out which song the single is, and ALWAYS make sure you pick one as a single. The station is not going to play all your tracks just because you send them and YOU say "All them joints is nice."
  • Be prepared for interviews and appearances just in case one of your joints really IS nice and the station decides to get behind you and be supportive.
  • Submit a bio with your music, the radio personality doesn't only want to play your music, they have to know something about YOU as well. Who you are, What you do, How long you've been doing it, what you've done, etc. This information helps them tell the listeners (people who will buy your music) more about you. People don't support artist they know nothing about.....remember that!
  • Send a picture of yourself, something nice to represent you and keep it tasteful. This is the first image people who don't know you will see. This is your introduction.....and you know what they say about first impressions.

All this is what the industry calls a package and everything included in that package is necessary... and it's all for a reason. So now you don't have to ask what you should send, it should be a standard procedure that you send everyone a full package, then you can never go wrong. If you go to the 'Artists' page on the Chrismorale website you'll understand WHY all this is necessary. 

So there it is!! Happy submitting!!! And if you decide to actually go for it (we'll be talking about the fear of success sometime in the near future) good luck with that! Oh, and make sure you tell him Spark sent'cha!

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