Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chris Brown f/Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne - Look At Me Now

Now Im truly lovin this song but let me tell you why....You got Chris Brown on here rappin, which really has me confused because he's no rapper, but I guess he's trying to show his versatility and that he CAN rap if he wanted to....I'on know. LOL But this is like the third track I heard him straight rapping on soooo....Have any of you noticed that he's more on some ol' gangsta shiz since the Rihanna drama? Maybe it's just me. LOL But he's RAPPING now and I mean whole songs of rap now. Im still tryna figure out what that's all about. lol

Hit "Read More" more! Okay AND hear the song. lol

Okay so you got Chris on here trying to do the best he can and I was ridin with him until he started talking about his lil' ding ding, but that's another story. Closing his verse with "Im Done" Busta chimes in to show him how it REALLY done. Of course he did his thing and left Lil' Chris in the wind....and with the exception of a couple N words thrown in the mix there was NO cursing at ALL from Bussa Buss.

Lil Wayne grabs the mic next and I know a lot of people love them some Weezy, and you prolly gon be mad when I say this, but he turned out to be no match for Busta. He should have been taking notes when Busta tried to school Chris. LOL Weezy tried though so I can't get on him to much.

Bottom line, this is a track of New School meeting Old School and Old School representing and showing them how it's supposed to be done. Honestly, the only one I think of who could have actually HUNG in there with Busta on that track would have been Twista!

Anyway like Chris said, "Im done", just crank your speakers up and listen to the damn track! LOL Oh and don't crank your speakers up if you're at work unless you're wearing headphones because Chris and Weezy BOTH have some nasty azz mouths!

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