Friday, January 28, 2011

Tyrese - Somebody Loves You Back [Video Inside -Come Go With Me]

Alright so we know that Tyrese is playing the lead role as Teddy Pendergrass in the movie about Teddys life. At first I didn't think Tyrese would be able to pull it off, but now I've changed my mind, and then I thought to myself....damn, better HIM then that damn Leon! LOL Anyway I've posted a video AND the new track for your listening enjoyment.....tyrese didn't do bad at all...he ain't no Teddy, but he ain't to shabby either.

'Come Go With Me'

'Somebody Loves You Back'

Chris Brown f/Twista & Lil' Wayne - Look At Me Now [Did I Call It Or What!!??!] LOL

Ahhhhhhhh, FINALLY!!! I told ya'll in the other post where Busta was featured on this song that the ONLY one that could get with him in MY opinion was Twista! Well apparently I wasn't the only one who thought that because they shole ran and got Twista to come and bless this track and just as I said he would, that brotha HELD. IT. DOWN! LOL

Of course Chris and Wheezy kept their same verses, but I'd LOVE to hear Busta AND Twista on this track togeth!er, you would have been out of breath just listening to it. LOL....but I guess if they had done that it would have taken attention off Chris and after all it IS his song. LOL  N-T-Way, here's the track ENJOY!

Timbaland - Round Da Way Tim

Well okay then! The last time we heard from Timbo, his mom had called the police afraid he was trying to commit suicide. Im glad he got himself together and he's baaaaack! This track would be classic Timbo but his lyricism and delivery on this one takes him to new heights....or maybe it's just me! At any rate Im glad to see a brotha back in action. He said in his verse that he'd NEVER sell his soul to sorcery, I hope he holds true to that. Imma keep my fingers crossed! Anyway here's the track... 

[New Artist] Etan - Go Time [Video]

New artist Etan comes at us with a new track called 'Go Time' from his soon to come album 'Go Time'. He's definitely a cutie if nothing else so I have no doubt that the ladies will love him. Etan produced this track and it comes to you from his label Etan Music which is a subsidiary of nothing for he stands alone.

The track in and of it's self is pretty good, Im feeling the instrumental more that anything though which was also produced and created by Etan himself. Im posting the video of the original song but I HAD to put up the instrumental as well because it is hott as HELL! Enjoy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Have All The Flowers Gone [Heather B]

UGC Music Blog, PA - Born Heather B Gardner, rapper Heather B hit the scene on TV all over America by way of MTV's  The Real World: New York. That was the very first season of The Real World hit reality show back in '92' I believe.

Hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey, the now 40 year old Heather B was one of only two African Americans on that show at the time. The other was roommate Kevin Powell, poet and writer extraordinaire.

Heather B says she's a rapper first, and even on the show it was nothing to watch the camera's follow her into countless studio sessions as she prepared for the release of her first album "Takin' Mine" which brought forth several tracks that we all knew and loved, or loved hating. One of those songs was "All Glocks Down"...which I believe, if my mind serves me correctly was released in 1994. But no one really took notice until 96 when the Takin' Mine' album was finally released on Pendulum Records.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jr. Music Executive Has 12 Internship Positions Available


Jr. Music Executive is pleased to announce the availability of 12 internship positions available from February through May 2011. The Jr. Music Executive Internship Program includes training sessions, intern meetings, hands-on work experience at partnering internship locations, and numerous networking opportunities.

Applications are available online at and they will be distributed at the optional information session being held at 2233 N. Broad Street, Suite 200 in Philadelphia on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 4pm.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Regina King & Jackee Harry Tore Down From The Floor Down On Bravo!! [Video]

They were on the TV Show "Watch What Happens Live" and those ladies were ZOOTED!! Be warned, it ain't cute no kinda way.....fareal! LOL

Monday, January 10, 2011

[New Music Exclusive] Nelly f/Kelly Rowland - Gone

Yeeessssss...Nelly & Kelly have teamed up again to present you with yet another smash! Well it's a smash to me. People flipped put over their last song as a duo a few years may remember it. It was titled Dilemma. I like this one muuuuuch better, but you be the judge on this one. It's still a pretty good song.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chris Brown f/Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne - Look At Me Now

Now Im truly lovin this song but let me tell you why....You got Chris Brown on here rappin, which really has me confused because he's no rapper, but I guess he's trying to show his versatility and that he CAN rap if he wanted to....I'on know. LOL But this is like the third track I heard him straight rapping on soooo....Have any of you noticed that he's more on some ol' gangsta shiz since the Rihanna drama? Maybe it's just me. LOL But he's RAPPING now and I mean whole songs of rap now. Im still tryna figure out what that's all about. lol

Hit "Read More" more! Okay AND hear the song. lol

Mysonne f/Jadakiss, Red Cafe and Nore – Let My Tape Rock [Remix]

At the start all you hear is the voice of Biggie saying how HE let's his tape rock, then it turns to him insisting that YOU let his tape rock till his tape pops. LOL....Then the beat kicks in and you find yourself unable to sit still in your seat. If ya' haven't heard this track yet, you definitely need to check it out, it's absolutely worth a good listen.

Jim Jones - Perfect Day

Im lovin this song, because Im ALWAYS thinkin' bout a perfect day!! In a perfect world EVERYday would be a 'Perfect Day'.

Jazmine Sullivan - If This Is Love

"I just can't imagine a life without love....cuz a life without love, is a life without purpose."
Great song, great lyrical content.....just a great piece of work overall. GO Head Jazzy!!!

Chrisette Michelle - Im A Star [Video] W/Lyrics

This is one of my alltime favorites from Chrisette, why???? Because Im a Star-rah too! LOL

Chrisette Michelle: Baby Im A Star

Click on the 'Read More' Link below to find the lyrics so you can sing along.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The CHRISMORALE Experience [Radio Show] Is looking For Artists To Submit Music

  Message From CHRISMORALE

the chrismorale experience telll eribody u kno! share, tweet it, text it, email it, note it, message it, foward it, Instant message it, whisper it, INVITE sunfin. if you think your music is the best, send in those edited/clean/radio friendly high quality MP3s to 

Check out past episodes @ and you have nuffin to lose.

Every Wednesday night is the place. and 1 609 447 0236 is the number to call in. hollar @ me

To find our more about Chrismoral 'the MAN' as seen through the eyes of his Business Partner Donna CLICK HERE

So there you have it people, the brotha is making a call out for music submissions. As an artist trying to get exposure from every outlet possible, THIS is something you should break your neck to follow through on. I'll be posting other Indy Radio Stations that support unsigned artists in the future. It is stations like this who WILL PLAY and support your music. You just have to make sure YOUR game is tight. Don't go to this man or anybody I send you to half azzed. Meaning, make sure you're handling your BUSINESS.

Click on 'read more' below to view the check list I put together for you.

UGC Leaks: Syleena Johnson - "My Shoes"

Pharoahe Monch & Smif-n-Wessun & Pete Rock Albums To Release Sometime In March

Pharoahe Monch's third solo album, W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) has pushed back to March 22, 2011.
 Pete Rock-produced LP, Monumental By Smif & Wessun Will Now Be released on March 8. 2011
(although Duck Down Records still haven't confirmed this date, so you know what that means!

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Goes Platinum

It's been about 6 weeks since the release of Pink Friday and Nicki has hit the mark of ONE MILLION units sold....Like a dungeon Dragon!!! She also becomes the first New York rapper since Lloyd Banks to go platinum with a debut album.

I don't know what the hell that is L Boogie is wearing but....

If she likes it then I love it, I guess! LOL This is a clip of Lauren Hill performing live in Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Be looking out for her tour. OH! And I forgot to mention that Prince and Janelle Monae were on the bill that night too!

Jazmine Sullivan's Announcement to Leave The Business For A While

Welp folks here's another one! Looks like the music industry has taken a toll on Jazmine Sullivan. Earlier, the singer announced via her Twitter account that she was going to take some time off from the music business.....a hiatus if you will. Shortly after she made her big announcement, the tweets suddenly vanished to be seen no more. Fortunately, somebody took a screenshot of them. You know once you post ANYTHING on the internet, it usually stays there forever!!

Here's the screenshot:
And in case you can't see what she said, I've placed it below:

"I’m making an official announcement that I am taking a break from music. I’m trying to figure out who I am…w/out a mike, paper, or pen. I promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it. And here I am. I’m not saying I wont ever sing in my life becuz I dont believe that. But in this moment…rt now… i got some things to figure out. I love u all and appreciate u soooooo much. U have no idea how much u’ve inspired me and fed my ego. But the truth is that I have to believe in me whether you all do or not. And thats what I’m look for. That belief in myself. Me. I . I love us. Thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. Let us continue. I’m fine everyone. just switching things up a bit till i get it right. now kanye… thats who we should have a prayer circle for. lolol"

Meet Avery Storm...One Of Nelly's Artist

Robin Thicke better watch his back! LOL